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How many glasses do you need?

Don't be overwhelmed by all the options out there!

16 October 2021
  • What's the difference between individualised spectacle lenses and "off-the-shelf" lenses?

There are new kinds of lenses for spectacle wearers coming onto the market all the time: lenses for use with digital devices, lenses for working with computers, lenses for driving and self-tinting lenses that react to light and UV. But just how many pairs of glasses do you actually need? Here are our tips to help you find what you need from amongst the enormous variety of glasses now available.

Amidst all the technology and vision optimisation, purchasing a pair of glasses remains a very personal decision. The glasses you buy need to feel good, reflect your attitude towards life – even enrich it – and accommodate your visual habits. And let's not forget: glasses should also reflect your personal style. Asking how many glasses you should have is just as personal as asking how many shoes you need.

But for a lot of us, it's certainly easier to choose a pair of shoes than glasses. That's why it's important that you work closely with your optician when making your purchase. Your optician should work with you in a professional and fair manner to determine what kind vision support and what kind(s) of glasses you require. Here at ZEISS, it's important to us that we provide the optician with a wide selection of spectacle lenses which stand out from the competition thanks to an optical design tailored to an individual's needs along with enhancing features for spectacle lenses (such as tints, anti-reflective coatings, hard coatings, etc.). We continue to invest in more modern and better spectacle lenses in order to cater specifically to the needs of each particular spectacle wearer: it doesn't matter if it's a single vision or spectacle lens – the choice is yours!

This multi-stage model can help you make an informed purchase and find your personal glasses-solution:

1// Perfect for every situation: everyday glasses

Whether we're talking about single vision or progressive lenses, you need a pair of glasses which optimally supports your vision! From selecting the lenses to choosing the lens features and selecting the frames – don't leave anything to chance. Your glasses should become one of your most prized possessions, making you happy while providing optimum vision. Just like a second skin, the frames should fit your personality, your facial feature and many, if not all, of your outfits. They should not pinch your nose, be too heavy or cause allergic reactions. Everything needs to be perfect. With progressive lenses, the individual vision zones must be tailored to you and your vision.

There's something new for drivers: ZEISS DriveSafe lenses for your driving glasses. It's both a pair of everyday glasses and, thanks to a special coating and lens design, optimised for driving. These lenses reduce distracting and unwanted glare and reflections when visibility is poor, such as in the rain or snow, or from the headlamps of oncoming traffic. They also support you as your focus shifts between the street, the dashboard and the wing and rear-view mirrors without any irritating head movements, especially with progressive lenses. Learn more about DriveSafe.

2// A second pair of glasses for sunny weather: outdoor glasses

First-time spectacle wearers often wear their normal sunglasses without prescription if they have low powers. If you suffer from eyestrain with your normal sunglasses but don't want to buy a new pair, self-tinting lenses lenses (e.g. ZEISS PhotoFusion X) can be a good choice. They can turn a pair of everyday glasses into sunglasses which darken in sunlight – and of course there's 100% UV protection, too.

If you purchase a new pair of everyday glasses, many opticians will offer you an attractive discount on a pair of sunglasses with the same power. In next to no time your new sunglass lenses are inserted into your existing sunglass frames.

3// When glasses become a speciality and offer additional convenience for specific activities.

Helping users of smartphones and other digital devices battle eye fatigue

It's not just the younger generation that uses digital and mobile communication devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc. These common devices assist people of all ages. However, the working distances with these digital devices are even shorter than with print media. For people 30 years old or more, this means that it takes more effort for their eyes to continuously look at something up close. Tired, sometimes dry or fatigued eyes are often the result of using mobile devices for many hours per day. Special lenses (such as Digital Lenses) can relieve your eyes and assist you when reading at short distances.

For reading and working more comfortably with vision problems in the close-up range

Starting at a certain age, our near vision begins to abate steadily. You find that you can only read a restaurant menu, book or newspaper by holding it far away. This not only looks unusual, but it's strenuous over the long term. This is where a pair of reading glasses can be a particular help as your primary or secondary pair. If you already wear progressive lenses every day, it can prove worthwhile to indulge in a pair of reading glasses so that you can read comfortably on the couch.

Do you spend a lot of time sitting in front of the computer? Then progressive lenses or reading glasses are not always optimum because your posture varies. Non-ergonomic or even a tense posture while sitting at your desk often prevents optimum vision and can even damage your health. In this case, investing in computer glasses can be a great solution to satisfy your special vision needs when sitting at your desk.

The best vision for your favourite hobby and when playing sports

These are life's special moments: when you're doing the thing you love or playing your favourite sport. However, your everyday glasses or sunglasses are not always perfect for your sports and hobbies. Glasses require e.g. special protection against dust, dirt, sun or small pebbles in the air in the form of wrapped frames. If you need vision support, ZEISS Sport lenses can become your high-performance sports gear. A special technology makes optimum, undistorted vision possible even in the wrapped peripheral zones of the lens.

Do you require special tints, glare protection or contrast enhancement for your favourite sport? Single and gradient tints in the colours of your choice, tints with Skylet from ZEISS or sunglasses with a polarisation filter give you better vision and may improve safety and performance when you're playing sports.

No matter if it's for ball games, biking, skiing, water sports, flying, hunting, handicrafts, projects around the house... your optician can help you find the right combination for your glasses so that you enjoy better and more comfortable vision.

Is one pair of glasses insufficient for your all your different fashionable looks?

There are spectacle wearers who'd like to have a pair of "invisible glasses" – i.e. glasses which you don't notice. But there are also those people who are obsessed with fashion and would prefer to have a different pair of glasses to match every outfit. Lucky for them there's an overabundance of absolutely amazing frames. But why make only the frames fashionable? Your lenses can fit your style with the help of suitable tints, colour gradients and even mirror coatings. Turn your glasses into a unique fashion statement.

4// Just in case: a spare pair of glasses.

Although generally not very popular, they're helpful in an emergency: the spare pair of glasses. Spectacle wearers who depend on their glasses need them as much as contact wearers. You keep them in your car's glove compartment because you're required to wear them when driving. Long-term spectacle wearers have it easier because their old pair of glasses often serves as their spare pair.
However, it's up to you to decide if and how much you would like to invest in your spare pair of glasses. Ask your optician about special offers on a spare pair of glasses and other services which will help you in an emergency situation. They'll be happy to discuss it with you.

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