ZEISS Single Vision Superb

ZEISS Single Vision Superb

Widen your view

Beyond aspheric. Beyond standard atoric. The ZEISS Single Vision Superb lens for improved vision. Advanced freeform technology allows more precision compared to conventional single vision lenses, leading to clear and sharply focused vision over the entire lens.

  • Design
    ZEISS Single Vision Superb

    Conventional designs lead to distortions in the lens periphery

    Conventional aspheric and atoric single vision lenses can only be designed for a very limited number of "average" sphere powers across the Rx range. As a result, most prescriptions suffer some degree of power error in the lens periphery.
    The ZEISS Single Vision Superb uses ZEISS freeform technology to eliminate the visual compromises found in conventional single vision designs.

    ZEISS Single Vision Superb

    Point-by-point optimisation over the entire lens leads to improved vision

    ZEISS Single Vision Superb lenses are designed for each individual wearer’s prescription including: sphere, cylinder, axis, prism and prism base. Point-by-point optimisation is applied over the entire lens, leading to an even more comfortable single vision design.

  • Benefits

    The benefits for the wearer

    • Improved clarity and sharp vision
    • Thinner & flatter lenses for improved cosmetic outcome
    • Improved night and low light vision, if i.Scription® technology is added
  • Details
    ZEISS Single Vision Superb

    ZEISS Single Vision Superb at a glance

    • Using advanced freeform technology by ZEISS.
    • Point-by-point optimisation of the lens surface leads to fewer power errors in the lens periphery and allows precise optical images.
    • Optimised for every prescription: sphere, cylinder, axis, prism and prism base.
    • Available with i.Scription® technology.
  • Product Availability

    Clear / tinted
    Plastic 1.74

    (only clear)
    Plastic 1.67  
    Plastic 1.6
    (also available in Sport)
    Polycarbonate 1.59
    (also available in Sport)
    Trivex 1.53
    (also available in Sport)
    Plastic 1.5
    (also available in Sport)
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