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Telescopic Spectacles

Flexibility for near and far focusing

Improved vision can partly be achieved by the use of telescopic spectacles into which magnifying optical systems have been integrated. These are in effect "mini-telescopes" for better distance vision.

Telescopic Spectacles G 1.8 and G 2.2

Telescopic Spectacles G 2.2

Galilean Telescopic Spectacles

G 1.8 and G 2.2

Galilean telescopes offer advantages due to their compact design, lower weight and larger fields of view compared to Keplerian telescopes. Because of their characteristics Galilean telescopic spectacles represent typical “starting systems” in the field of telescopic spectacles. The higher-than-average field of view of 24° of the G 1.8 ensures the best possible overview over the user’s field of work. For close-up vision, you can easily attach additional magnifiers to these telescopes.

The Galilean type telescope offers a 2x magnification that will permit to recognize objects in the distance. Telescopic Spectacles G 2 bioptics is ideal for situations in which orientation to the surrounding field is important for low vision patients: recognizing street signs, early face recognition or leisure activities.

Further information
Telescopic Spectacles K 4 / K 4 vario / K 4 bino

Telescopic Spectacles K 4 vario

Keplerian Telescopic Spectacles

K 4 / K 4 vario / K 4 bino

The Keplerian type telescopes offer a 4x telescope magnification. Due to their brilliant image quality it is smoothly possible to realize higher magnifications compared to Galilean telescopes (K 4: up to 20x for near, with additional clip-up lenses). K 4 vario can be set from distance to near vision by appropriately turning the objective lens.

Telescopic Spectacles K bino

Telescopic Spectacles K bino

The Teleloupe Spectacles K bino are intended solely for binocular use in near vision to magnify reading texts to such an extent that they become visible again for persons with low vision.

Your eyecare professional will be pleased to help you select the right model.

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