ZEISS Magnifying Visual Devices

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ZEISS Magnifying visual devices

Good vision for everyday tasks

Good vision plays a key role in our everyday lives, regardless of whether we are at work or enjoying our leisure time. However, certain tasks or an impairment of our visual performance require special solutions beyond the capabilities of regular eyeglasses or contact lenses.

ZEISS offers an extensive line of Magnifying Visual Devices precisely for this purpose. In addition to products for general use, the diverse portfolio contains products that are tailor-made for visually impaired patients, as well as products for professional users such as doctors and technicians to ideally support them in their highly responsible work.

ZEISS Magnifiers

Precise imaging is an absolute must in many professions and hobbies. This is where ZEISS magnifiers become indispensable aids. They provide distortion-free images across the entire field of view.


ZEISS Low vision devices for the visually impaired

Support in a wide variety of vision situations for more independence in everyday situations – that is precisely what low vision patients expect from their special visual device. The extensive product range from ZEISS offers many different fitting possibilities tailored to the needs of the individual wearer.


ZEISS Magnifying visual devices for professional users

Precise vision plays a key role in many professions and occupations. Professional users therefore make very special demands on their visual devices. The ZEISS line of teleloupe spectacles is the perfect solution to the specific needs of professional users.


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