The ZEISS lens coating for crystal-clear vision

LotuTec® is the innovative ZEISS spectacle lens coating that helps you to enjoy clear vision at all times. The water and grease-repellent coating displays a strong beading effect that significantly simplifies cleaning.
The Super ET broadband anti-reflective coating eliminates irritating glare and reflections. The hard coating makes the lens surface tougher.

  • Design

    The Lotus Effect on LotuTec®

    Without LotuTec

    Without LotuTec®

    As with some plant leaves, fluid and dirt particles gather on the surface of the lens.

    Lotus Effect

    With LotuTec®

    As with lotus leaves, fluid and dirt simply drip or fall off the lens thanks to the Clean Coat of LotuTec®.

    More than good durability
    LotuTec® sets pioneering standards in durability. Wearers will enjoy a totally new experience in wearing comfort - thanks to the lotus effect of Clean Coat.

    Principle invented by nature
    A principle of nature inspired us to invent the outstanding Clean Coat - the lotus effect.

    Simply clean - simple to clean
    Fluid and dirt simply drip or fall off the lens. Cleaning and lens care are much easier if the lens does get dirty.

  • Benefits

    The benefits for the wearer

    1. Robust
    ZEISS lenses with LotuTec® AR coating are durable lenses as they are provided with a hard lacquer.

    2. Dirt resistant
    Thanks to the ultra-smooth Clean Coat, dust and lint do not adhere to the surface easily.

    3. Very easy to clean
    The super-slick Clean Coat makes lenses very easy to clean. Lenses with high contact angle repel oil and water more effectively.

    4. Anti-reflective properties
    Green reflection colour provides good anti-reflective properties.


  • Details
    ZEISS LotuTec

    LotuTec® provides the optimum coating for spectacle lenses

    Surface and coating structure

    • Pre-treatment and compression through ion bombardment
    • Optimisation of internal stress

    Hard coating

    • Optimally adapted to the base lens material and the coating structure
    • Strengthened by nano-particles

    Super ET anti-reflection coating

    • Residual reflection with discreet, aquamarine colour
    • Very low reflectance
    • Excellent transparency of over 99 %

    Clean Coat

    • water-repellent
    • dirt-repellent
    • oil-repellent
    Multilayer lens

    The perfect multilayer lens coating

    Coating structure of LotuTec®

    1. Hard coating, reinforced by nano-particles
    2. Adhesive layer with optimised formula
    3. Super ET anti-reflection coating, proven multilayer structure with outstanding transparency
    4. Clean Coat, extremely smooth, revolutionary lotus effect + optimisation of internal stress

    Technological lead six times over

    • Innovative nano-technology
      Pre-treatment of lens surface through ion bombardment
    • Totally new production equipment
      An investment totalling millions of euros
    • Unique know-how
      Development exclusively for and with ZEISS
    • New coating design and material
      The materials originate in the semiconductor technology
    • State-of-the-art production processes
      New washing processes, new surface treatment
    • Revolutionary Clean Coat
      Unparalleled smooth coating surface
  • Test series

    Easy handling with LotuTec®: the test series

    LotuTec® sets pioneering standards in durability, and that is no empty promise. It has been subjected to a series of very comprehensive and advanced tests. In 18 different set-ups designed to test the coating’s resistance to various conditions – from weather and acid to mechanical stress – an experimental equivalent was found and implemented for every conceivable everyday situation.

    Five examples will give you an impression of the extremes which LotuTec® was subjected to before its market release. The aim of some of the situations to which it was exposed (not to be imitated!) was deliberate destruction.

    The 5 examples

    Exposure to heat

    Exposure to heat

    The test:
    The lenses are subjected to high temperatures for several hours at a time. LotuTec® passed this test with flying colours.

    Everyday situation:

    Lenses are subjected to high temperatures for a long period, e. g. when cooking.

    Exposure to friction

    Exposure to friction

    The test:
    A cotton cloth is rubbed with a defined force across the lens several times and in several cycles. LotuTec® displayed excellent resistance in this test.

    Everyday situation:
    Lenses are thoroughly and regularly cleaned for years – for more than 100 hours in all.

    Weather test

    Weather test

    The test:
    The lenses are exposed alternately to artificial sunlight, humidity and different temperatures. In the weathering test LotuTec® displayed outstanding qualities during its entire service life.

    Everyday situation:
    This test simulates the entire life cycle of a spectacle lens over a period of 200 hours – including all the influences climatic conditions can have on the lens.

    Salt water boiling test

    Salt water boiling test

    The test:
    The lenses are boiled in a defined salt water solution for some minutes in several cycles. LotuTec® displayed no signs of detachment during the entire test duration.

    Everyday situation:
    Resistance to perspiration is an important feature of spectacle lenses – particularly for sports enthusiasts.

    Extreme test: cross-hatch cutter

    Extreme test: cross-hatch cutter

    The test:
    A razor blade is used to make incisions in the base lens in a criss-cross pattern. Tape is then repeatedly adhered to and removed from the lens in various cycles. The lens is then examined for even the slightest signs of coating detachment. For LotuTec®, this test was absolutely no problem.

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