Better vision for handicraft work

For detailed tasks requiring concentration and perseverance, often in dusty environments

Better vision for precision manual work

Optimum and relaxed vision at near and intermediate distances

Better vision for the golf course

Brilliant sunshine and the interplay of light and shadow requires sharp near and far vision

What are the benefits of an extra pair of spectacles?

Better vision with exactly the right spectacles for your work and leisure activities

Surely one pair of spectacles is enough to deal with every aspect of our daily lives? Not necessarily. Visual conditions can vary tremendously from one situation to the next. For example, as a driver you might well have problems with glare caused by reflected sunlight – and your sunglasses are unlikely to be up to the challenge. Or perhaps you wear progressive lenses and are looking for perfect far vision combined with the ability to glance down at the car dashboard or when using your sat nav without straining your eyes. Sometimes standard progressive lenses fail to provide an optimal experience in this situation. If you are a sailor, pilot, cyclist or skier, you need eyewear that helps you get the most out of your sporting activities. That's where value-added spectacles come in: Whatever your needs, your optician can provide you with individualised spectacles with custom-made lenses.

Why an extra pair of spectacles makes sense For many situations and everyday challenges, not only suitable spectacle frames, but also specialist lenses are now available that offer genuine added value which is precisely tailored to your specific vision requirements. That means you get to see exactly what you want to see – without any strain or hassle.

When do office workers in their 40s first notice that they are finding it harder and more tiring to read what's on the screen? Maybe they already have a pair of reading glasses or have purchased their first pair of progressive spectacles after wearing glasses for many years. But what they might not know is that there are special lenses which offer better, more relaxed vision for desk and computer work. Many sales reps and frequent drivers will have already discovered that a pair of prescription sunglasses in addition to their "normal" spectacles makes driving safer and more comfortable. But what they might not know is that there are sunglasses that – as well as protecting their eyes from bright sunshine – can also counteract the sun's reflections from the rear windows of the cars in front or eliminate the glare on wet roads when the rain stops and the sun reappears. Nowadays there are also highly individualised lens solutions for very specific vision requirements:

Off-the-peg solutions aren't good enough

for Alexander Heindel, an internationally renowned model aircraft pilot.

Alexander Heindel. Alexander Heindel is passionate about flying radio controlled model aircraft, a hobby that requires perfect vision.

Alexander Heindel. Alexander Heindel is passionate about flying radio controlled model aircraft, a hobby that requires perfect vision. (Photo used with the kind permission of A. Heindel)

A key factor for aeroplane enthusiasts such as Alexander Heindel is having optimum vision with the right definition and filter effect.

When it comes to flying radio-controlled (RC) model aircraft they are more interested in their view of the sky than their ground-level vision. Bright sunshine and dull weather can both cause visual problems. That's why Heindel believes that having the right spectacles plays such a key role in his success.


Alexander Heindel needs glasses that are anti-reflective and yield plenty of contrast – and polarised lenses are crucial in harsh bright light. "We often fly looking straight into the sun or under challenging light conditions such as sunrise or sunset, so a good pair of spectacles is absolutely essential," says the seasoned RC airplane pilot. "This makes leading-edge spectacle lenses a must."

In consultation with his optician he put together the perfect spectacles for his sport. One of the eyeglass experts at Optik Wachter is a model aircraft pilot himself. He understands the particular challenges of this sport.

Alexander Heindel's spectacle solution:

The key to the model airplane pilot's spectacles are lenses that offer special filter effects for each specific situation. ZEISS precision lenses proved to be the perfect choice, offering tailor-made filters for glare reduction and enhanced contrast.

Alexander Heindel builds most of his airplanes himself. And the fact that he puts as much care into choosing his spectacles as he does into preparing the rest of his equipment is one of the key reasons why he is now a recognized icon in his sport. The 47-year-old first became interested in model airplanes when he was just 10 years old, He has been competing on a professional level since 1989. His skills and experience have enabled him to win numerous various awards, including the title of German Champion from 1993-2007, as well as numerous podium positions in a wide range of international events. Last year he notched up further successes in Norway, where he now lives, with a win in the Norwegian championships and second place overall in the Norwegian Cup. He may have moved to Norway, but he has remained loyal to his optician when it comes to finding the optimum sports eyewear.


You probably have different pairs of shoes for different occasions

But do you have an extra pair of spectacles that is perfectly tailored to your work or hobby?

There is no such thing as a single pair of spectacles that is perfect for every situation. The fact is that no one pair of glasses can offer an optimum experience in all the different areas of our daily lives. The spectacles you wear to work are confronted with different challenges than your sports eyewear. Prescription sunglasses with the right shade and lens coating have already become an essential part of modern life.

Spectacles for managers – top quality lenses and frames with great customised visual comfort

Respectability, elegance and maximum functionality – spectacles for people in managerial positions have a lot to live up to.


Better vision for athletes

They definitely are not just fashionable: Professional and amateur athletes benefit from special sports spectacles.


Not all sunglasses are equal

UV protection, tinting, polarising lenses or special solar protection for sports activities – customised sunglasses offer all options.


Find out more about how an extra pair of spectacles can add real value to your life

Perfect vision when cycling: which spectacle lenses are best for cyclists?

Speed, changing light conditions and airborne particles present special challenges to glasses for cycling.


Taking photographs with spectacles

Brilliant photos or successful snapshots are no problem for wearers of spectacles.


Better vision and more comfort at work

The new ZEISS office spectacle lenses give you more relaxed vision, whether you work at a desk, computer or a manufacturing machine.


The best spectacle lenses for driving - Reach your destination safely

Customised lenses for driving make driving not only more relaxing, but also increase safety significantly. But what do consumers have to bear in mind when buying spectacles for driving?


Glasses for water sports

Whether you like sailing, surfing, diving or swimming, what's the secret to choosing a great pair of water sports glasses?


Winter Time – Time for Reading

The perfect pair of reading glasses will make your favourite mystery even more intriguing.


Better Vision Winter sports

Many fans of skiing and snowboarding, both with and without eyesight correction, "fly blind" down the slopes.


Spectacles for pilots – perfect vision even above the clouds

Whether professional or amateur, pilots need spectacles that allow them to see clearly, even in extreme lighting and weather conditions.


Whether you're a dentist or a beautician - enjoy perfectly sharp vision with professional spectacles

Some activities demand exceptional spectacle lenses that deliver more. State of the art technology from ZEISS helps you to see perfectly, even at a microscopic level.


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