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Self-tinting lenses with PhotoFusion® technology

Comfortable and relaxed indoor and outdoor vision

Do you find switching spectacles inconvenient? One pair of spectacles for all vision needs – that's what many spectacle wearers are looking for! Lenses which automatically adjust to all light conditions dramatically reduce the need to switch spectacles, significantly boosting the wearer's comfort and safety. There has been a vast increase in the performance and speed of self-tinting lenses featuring leading-edge technology, such as PhotoFusion® from ZEISS. In the production of self-tinting lenses, millions of photosensitive particles are applied to the lens in the form of a coating. These molecules are able to change their chemical structure when exposed to UV light, with the result that the lens darkens rapidly in sunshine and clears again indoors.

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How you benefit

Benefits for spectacle wearers

One pair of spectacles for all light conditions

  • More comfort: PhotoFusion® lenses adapt quickly to changing light conditions – for more comfort in everyday life.
  • Darken and clear again rapidly: PhotoFusion® lenses are very clear indoors, but they darken quickly in the outdoor sunshine – for optimum vision in any light.
  • UV protection: 100% protection against harmful solar UV radiation is guaranteed – also for clear lenses.
  • Long life and no wear and tear: PhotoFusion® lenses will continue to darken and clear for a long time to come – they just keep on performing!
  • Constant colour: PhotoFusion® lenses combine outstanding colour constancy and attractive tints – for an outstanding appearance every time.

24 hours of excellent vision

It takes just 15 to 30 seconds for lenses with PhotoFusion® technology to darken in sunlight. Indoors, the lenses turn completely clear again within 5 to 10 minutes.

*Average value for 1.67 and 1.6 and for lenses made of polycarbonate. Performance is dependent on the material, temperature and light conditions.

Who is PhotoFusion® suitable for?

Untiring, photosensitive molecules are at work here!

Special photosensitive molecules are applied during the coating of the lens in the ZEISS production area. Self-tinting lenses use a chemical reaction that was originally discovered in the 1960s and has been continuously enhanced ever since.

The principle behind it all is very simple. When sunlight hits the lens, it increases the surface area of these molecules which makes the lenses darken. The stronger the sunlight or UV light, the darker the lens gets. This means that the right tint intensity is always achieved for the level of light. When the level of UV rays drops, the molecules 'fold' again and the lens becomes clearer. The speed at which the molecules act is a good indicator of the quality of self-tinting lenses.

Your individualised lenses:
These ZEISS products could be the best choice for you.

Your progressive spectacles from ZEISS

ZEISS Progressive Lens Portfolio

The ZEISS Progressive Lens Portfolio offers four performance levels and seven technologies, some of which are all-time firsts anywhere in the world. Did you know that the reading distance between our eyes and a smartphone is much shorter than when we read a book or a newspaper?

Progressive lenses are true optical masterpieces. Learn more about the ZEISS Progressive Lens Portfolio

Your lens coating: robust, easy to clean, with a superb anti-reflective coating

ZEISS DuraVision® Platinum

Lens coatings transform plastic lenses into everyday masterpieces. They harden plastic lenses, making them dirt-resistant and easier to clean.

Discover what the Premium lens coating from ZEISS can do for you

Clear vision all day, every day

Lens cleaning solutions from ZEISS

It's always annoying to have dirty lenses. Cleaning your glasses should be as gentle, simple and effective as possible. That's why ZEISS offers such a wide range of lens cleaning solutions.

A quick wipe or a thorough clean? ZEISS has the lens cleaning solutions you need

Not the right product for you?

A fashionable choice

ZEISS Sunlenses

Indulge your passion for colours and tints: single, graduated or individualised – ZEISS makes it happen.

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Do you need sports glasses?

ZEISS Sports Lenses

Professionals or amateurs, cyclists or golfers, swimmers or tennis players: good vision is vital and no two athletes are exactly alike.

Prescription wrap lenses from ZEISS are powered by decades of experience.

Personalised advice: find a ZEISS optician near you

Your ZEISS optician will be happy to discuss the various lenses featuring PhotoFusion® technology with you. Find a suitable optician here.

Find a ZEISS Optician

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Self-tinting spectacle lenses: comfortable and relaxed vision for everyone

Self-tinting spectacle lenses: comfortable and relaxed vision for everyone

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