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The moment you can choose any frame without compromising your vision.

ZEISS Progressive Lens
Precision Plus.

ZEISS Progressive Lenses Plus 2

Progressive Lens App

ZEISS Progressive Lenses App

The ZEISS Progressive Lenses app is an easy-to-use application designed to help you attract or retain customers when dispensing the new ZEISS Progressive Lenses portfolio.

Optical Knowledge

Here you get background information on spectacle lenses: Basics of ophthalmic optics, surface geometry and progressive lenses, lens materials, lens production and coatings.



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ZEISS Progressive Lens Precision Plus.

Precision optics with any frame.

Among the many influencing trends in today’s world are rapid changes in fashion. Spectacle frame fashion is keeping pace – resulting in newer styles, shapes and sizes.

Human eyes are challenged like never before
Research has revealed that the majority of consumers first select a frame, then choose their lenses. But not all progressive lenses fit all frames: limited freedom of frame choice or vision impairment are often the result. Fifty percent of progressive lens wearers experience limited frame choice.* In pursuit of fashionable frames, wearers are changing frame styles more frequently, from small to large frames and vice versa. Wearers have to adapt their eye movement behaviour learned from the previous spectacleseach time a new frame with a new size or shape is purchased. This should be taken into account when a progressive lens is dispensed.

* External market research with 1,000 progressive lens wearers in Germany and USA (2014)

ZEISS Progressive Lens Precision Plus responds to the desire for unlimited frame choice.

ZEISS Progressive Lens Precision Plus.

Optimised for the eyes + frame

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The world's first Adaptation Control Technology

In a world of fast-changing fashion trends, unique Adaptation Control Technology including FrameFit®+ provides freedom for the wearer to select any frame and achieve fast adaptation of their lenses.


The benefits for the wearer

  • Unlimited frame choice
  • Fast adaptation to the lenses – in any frame
  • Strain-free and clear vision for print media and digital device usage for people aged 40+
  • Fast focus and good dynamic vision all day long, even for the challenges of today’s world
  • Thin and lightweight lenses

* External market research with 400 progressive lens wearers in Germany and USA (2014)
** Internal wearer trial with basic ZEISS progressive lens design, n=52 (2014)

ZEISS Progressive Lens Precision Plus responds to this challenge with unlimited freedom of frame choice without impairment of vision and fast adaptation to the lenses.


It is built upon two technologies:



1// FrameFit®+ Technology is essential for better vision

Not all progressive lenses fit all frames.
ZEISS ensures that progressive lens wearers experience better vision – no matter what frame is chosen.

Frame size

ZEISS Progressive Lenses Plus

Without FrameFit®+ Technology:
Near zone cannot be positioned within a small frame.

ZEISS Progressive Lenses Plus

With FrameFit®+ Technology:
The wearer always enjoys a maximum range of vision – with any frame size.

Special frame shapes

Without FrameFit®+ Technology:
Near vision zone is cut out.

With FrameFit®+ Technology:
Near vision zone is within the frame – even in special aviator frame shapes.

2// Adaptation Control Technology provides an optimised corridor, adapted to the wearer’s learned eye declination

Adaptation Control Technology takes into account the eye declination (vertical eye movement behaviour). It compares the previous frame with the new fitting height and addition power in order to create a comfortable eye declination and near zone location.

The progressive lens wearer is accustomed to a certain eye movement from the far to near zones and vice versa with his or her current progressive lenses.

New bigger frame without Adaptation Control Technology:

  • The brain guides the eye to the accus-tomed eye declination, but the calculated new near zone location is lower
  • The wearer must get used to the new near zone location

New bigger frame with Adaptation Control Technology:

  • The new corridor is optimised for the learned eye declination, providing a more convenient location of the near zone
  • Fast adaptation in any frame

The optimum corridor can be automatically calculated with the aid of the new ZEISS Progressive Lenses app.

Clear / tinted
Plastic 1.74

(only clear)
Plastic 1.67
Plastic 1.6
(also available in Sport)
Polycarbonate 1.59
(also available in Sport)
Trivex 1.53
(also available in Sport)
Plastic 1.5
(also available in Sport)
  Clear / umbra PhotoFusion®
Mineral 1.8  
Mineral 1.6
fitting height
fitting height
fitting height
from 14 mm
14 mm
16 mm

We recommend adding 2 mm for more comfortable vision if addition > 1.75.
Please find detailed information in the ZEISS price list.


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