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Lens Treatment

Here you can read about the possibilities available for coating lenses:
from a single antireflection coating to high-tech coating, from surface protection for plastic lenses Clean Coat and lens tints and colours up to your wishes.

Antireflection Coating

The different refractive indices of air and glass cause reflections on spectacle lenses which impair the wearer’s vision.
Find out more about your solutions by ZEISS.

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Hard Coatings

Hard coatings are today a standard within an antireflection coating. Therefore lacquers are used which form an almost ideal buffer between the lens surface and the more brittle AR coating.

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Clean Coat

Dirt or marks such as fingerprints or water stains are more noticeable on coated lenses, as they impair the antireflection properties of the coating. It was for this reason that a hydrophobic (water-repellent) coating was developed for lenses with a multilayer coating to make it more difficult for dust and dirt particles to adhere to the lens.

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High-tech Coating

High-tech coatings on lenses combine all wearing benefits in one coating package.

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Umbra Coating

Umbra Coating

The attractive brown tint of Umbra ensures natural colour rendition and excellent recognition of traffic signal lights.

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Dip Colours

ZEISS offers a wide range of plastic sunglass lenses with a total of 74 colours. Graduated and bicolour tints are available in addition to single colours.

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Mirror Coating

Mirror coatings create interesting effects on spectacle lenses - from a light shimmer to a total mirror coating.
Here you can find some info about production aspects and Facts and Figures on a mirror coating.

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