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Distagon 4/40 FLE HFT PQ

 Distagon 4/40 FLE HFT PQ

Distagon 4/40 FLE HFT PQ

  • Extreme wide angle lens
  • Angle of view of 88° over the diagonal of the frame.
  • Extreme retrofocus design with a back focal distance which is 70% longer than the focal length of the lens
  • Elaborate correction of all aberrations

Preferred use: advertising, digital photography, interiors, industrials, aerials, landscapes, weddings, city-scapes, aerospace.

With "floating elements"(FLE) the unavoidable field curvature in unsymmetrical retrofocus lenses used close-up is reduced.

Recently the Distagon® 4/40 FLE HFT PQ lens has become the preferred lens in studios using digital chip backs with their medium format cameras, using the central part of the frame only, narrowing the angle of view and asking for shorter focal length. Also, in aerial photography from low flying aircraft the Distagon 4/40 FLE HFT PQ lens excels, because it allows for lower altitudes, thus reducing the adverse effects of haze and polluted air. The opposite is also true: At extremely high altitudes the Distagon 4/40 lens excels again in the hands of NASA astronauts. And so it does on the ground: In the hands of successful wedding photographers it creates great selling romance dream spaces with brides and grooms.


1 : 4
f (mm)
Ap. range 4 - 32
Focus ∞ to 0.5 m
Weight 1090 g

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